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Not watching Emperor Palpatine

It’s true; Your Humble Blogger has let partisanship get in the way of blogging. I haven’t watched the Republican Convention at all. I’m assuming that the main speeches will be available for download next week, when I plan to look at them. Honestly, I don’t think I could be useful this week; I’m too cranky.

I did find this count of words in the main speeches on Monday and Tuesday fascinating. Wednesday’s numbers are here. One thing that’s clear is that the edict at the Democratic convention that speakers were to refer to “Republicans” rather than “President Bush” is not in force here. I disagreed with that tactic, as I’ve said repeatedly. I suspect that the Republican tactic of focus on the candidates is the more effective.

One note, however. I have no idea who this Fleisher is, or if his numbers are correct. One of the things I am planning on doing is comparing some of the speeches at the two conventions in somewhat similar terms. I won’t rely on his numbers. Nor will I rely on the numbers at the New York Times, although the graphic deserves its own entry, if not a whole article by Edward Tufte. Hoo-ah.

As an example, by the way, of what Gentle Readers have been spared by YHB not going completely bugnuts watching the RNC, take a peek at this rant by David S. Bernstein, who has been mentioned here before. No, seriously, read it. Much of the Boston Phoenix’s frequent-report coverage of this convention has been worth reading (as was their coverage of the last one, although that was colored in large measure by their hometown perspective, interesting as it was to those of us who know the town), but this is a nice reminder that the journalists are people, the people who make the decisions what to say and what not to say (it’s all scripted, right?) are people, too, and that sometimes you have to take the whole damned thing personally.


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