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Fall fell fill foll full

Didja all have a nice equinox, Gentle Readers? I think the idea of claiming that Fall commences with the equinox is pretty silly (and winter begins on Midwinter Day, right?) but hereabouts it does seem to be just tipping over into Autumn. Which isn’t news, but the two things I was thinking vaguely about blogging (this Air Force Times summary of the Nat’l Guard story, interesting mostly by being in the Air Force Times, and this hysterically funny parody of David “there are three kinds of people in the world: those who can do simple arithmetic and those who can’t” Brooks) both got picked up by A-list bloggers, and I didn’t have anything interesting to say about them other than thinking they were, you know, worth linking to.

Oh, and the Giants are a game and a half back. And really a half-game ahead in the wildcard, now. We’ll probably still have to go home and paint the garage after 162, but I’m getting my money’s worth out of September.