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90-70, so far

Among the good things about winning last night’s game is the fact that now, whatever happens this afternoon, we start the last day of the season with a chance to play another game. Even if the Giants lose today, and even if the Astros (and the Cubs, I suppose) win, that will only eliminate us from the division and guarantee the Astros a 163rd game. If, following that, the Giants win and the Astros lose, we play that 163rd game.

And, of course, if the Giants win today, then they enter the last day with a chance to be either the division champion or the wildcard, or, of course, to have to go home and paint the garage after 162.

There’s also the fact that an embarrassing sweep by the Hated Ones would have been an awful (although, YHB must admit, not unexpected) way to end the year. And that ‘90 wins’ is as good a definition of any as a good team, and that was our 90th win. So.

One way or another, it has been an exciting season to be a Giants fan.