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Sox don't lose!

... and the best part is when the Yankees come to Fenway, and the guys in the bleachers start chanting “2004! 2004!”

Actually, I didn’t even watch the games. I followed part of each one on Gameday, and read about them afterwards. I’m no longer Bostonian, and I’ve never cared that much about the exhibition games after the season is over (unless the Giants are in them). But, y’know, well done. Woo. Hoo. and wait ’til next year.



The bleacher guys should chant "Y2K! Y2K!" at the Yankees; that's when their World Series drought began, after all.

I'm amused by the lingering feeling among Sox fans that there's still the chance Derek Jeter will fly backwards around the world really fast and reverse time and make it not have happened.

Since I don't have a blog, I'll say this in all seriousness here:

Well done, team! While the announcers spent all their time analyzing small-number statistics that mean nothing and signify everything, this team stayed focused on winning. While the Cardinals were hitting our batters, this team focused on hitting the ball. When Francona didn't like the calls, he focused on the ones he could win and stayed calm and reasonable enough that the umpires listened to him and to each other. And while the hopes of a nation rested on their shoulders, this team showed that you can recover from mistakes, admit your errors, and move on. This team welcomed and celebrated everyone's shining moments and didn't write anyone off. Way to go; way to win.

I know it's not because I gamely held a bumper sticker saying "BELIEVE" all the way through a 14-6 loss earlier in the season. I know it's not because my wife finally won seats to the company box for a couple of games. I know it's not because I frequently second-guessed their manager or mourned the loss of Garciaparra or cursed the radio or tv. Well, maybe a little bit is because of all that. But I also like knowing that it's not because they were inhumanly perfect or had no players going through slumps or had no injuries or had too easy a schedule.

They had tremendous luck on their side. They had a huge payroll, and plenty of superstar players. But they didn't acted spoiled or petty or whiny, and that means something these days.

And man, when we were done demoralizing the Yankees, we demolished the Cardinals.

Thanks, Michael. It goes to show—I don't know if good pitching beats good hitting, but good pitching and good hitting beat pretty much anything.

Also, by the way, props to Manny, who was treated badly by the team and the Boston press last year, and who, I hope, will be cherished by the boys on the Red Line as one of the great mashers-who-aren't-all-there.


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