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Little Don Juan in a bone-white mug

It probably isn’t worth getting in to the whole story of how I came across it, but for any Gentle Reader familiar with the ballad of John Barleycorn, there is a rather entertaining ballad of Juan Coffeebean (There were three men come out of the south...) by a group called the Wild Oats. It’s on their album A Few Oats Shy of a Haggis, which is available through their website and through iTunes. The Wild Oats are evidently defunct, so it exists as a historical document only.

It’s quite likely that any Gentle Reader who cares already knows about this, but it’s new to Your Humble Blogger. I laughed.

Thank you,


I'd never seen/heard this before, and am definitely of the sort who cares about (and gets a jolly laugh out of) such things, so thank you very much!

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