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Why doesn't he do it in the road?

When I saw this stupid op-comic piece in the Times the other day, I thought, that’s a stupid op-comic piece. But that clearly wasn’t enough. There’s an actual news article on the same idea, that it’s funny to think about the Super Bowl people vetting Paul McCartney for suitability.

Um, guys? He’s a rock star. He sings about rocking and rolling. True, he never kissed a bear, nor has he ever kissed a goon, but he has been known to shake a chicken in the middle of the room.

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Well I, for one, would watch the Superbowl halftime show if and only if Sir Paul were performing in a suit of armor.

It's not so much that it's funny to imagine Paul McCartney being vetted for suitability, it's more that it's appalling to see Paul McCartney being so vetted, all to make sure some nebulous bloc of redstatebluenoses aren't offended. It's all ridiculous -- it's not like there would have been any scandal last year about the sexual content of Janet Jackson's song if her breast hadn't found its way publicward.

(Conflict of interest note: I am having dinner with the author of the "stupid op-comic piece" tomorrow night.)

i thought paul was dead

Well, I suppose the funny thing is imagining the network standards sap in charge of redstatebluenoses saying 'no more of those dope-smoking blaspheming longhaired rockstars who sing about sex, we'll get Paul McCartney!' Because, you know, Frank Zappa is dead.
On the plus side, after the Arturo Sandoval debacle, I have been cured of any interest in seeing a good musician in the Super Bowl halftime show.

maybe they should just stage a 5-minute version of jesus christ superstar

I'm amazed they didn't simply have Ashcroft sing "Let the Eagle Soar", especially with the suggested additional lyrics.

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