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Around the horn

OK, Your Humble Blogger is taking another five-day (or so) break, which means that it’s time to give up on writing actual essays on any of these:

  1. Trapper John over at The Next Hurrah posts that The NLRB is taking the next obvious step extending the declaration that graduate students who teach aren’t employees. (via Nathan Newman, of course)
  2. Mark Schmitt over at The Decembrist is always worth reading, but in particular, his takes on Social Security and the Constitution in Exile and Taking The Right Too Seriously were on my list of things-to-blog.
  3. Mark Liberman over at the Language Log puts in his two cents about Agrammatic but numerate, which Your Humble Blogger had noted earlier.
  4. Andrew Cline over at Rhetorica has vastly interesting questions in a post about what the delegitimation of journalism means for the blogosphere and the community. Your Humble Blogger has no answers, but meant to write an essay with more questions.
  5. John Scalzi over at Whatever asks in Asimov and the Cleti for scientists or sf writers that could be used now to sell Dells or Macs or whatever. It’s more interesting than that, actually, and he has a fairly serious cultural point. I’m not sure I agree with it, but since I won’t be writing about it, I won’t be able to decide.
  6. Jed over at Lorem Ipsum wants some good news. Flood his inbox.
  7. Your Humble Blogger over at A Position of Ignorance is getting crushed.
  8. Thank you,