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The Venerable Order of Giants have scored 33 runs in their first six games, all at Pac Belle, all without Barry, four without Moises (who was oh-fer the games he did play).

That is all.

chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek,


33 runs? A mere 5 and a half runs per game? Hah! Pikers! Over 7 runs per game, now that's an offense.

Of course the Giants don't have a bullpen that spontaneously combusts if you look at it cross-eyed, so I probably shouldn't talk...

Let's see ... Phillies in relief: fifteen and a third innings, 7.63 era, 2.28 WHIP. Giants in relief: seventeen innings, 10.59 era, 1.88 WHIP. Oh, Giants bullpen has two wins, Phillies has three losses.
Oh, and as for the offense, call me when Abreu and Thome are on the DL and you're still scoring five and a half on Pat Burrell, Kenny Lofton and, um, oh, never mind.
Hey, it's baseball season!

So what I was saying about the Giants not having a combustible bullpen? Ignore that. Completely. Yikes.

It's posts like this that are just about my only clue that there's a baseball season going on, since I get my news from Google and baseball headlines are too local to ever show up there, except when it's about Congressional hearings or the World Series ring ceremony. (I did read those.) It's amazing to me how easy it is to completely distance myself from the game. I don't know if I miss it, but I don't think so--I'm busy enough as it is, and still not willing to risk it.

But I'm very glad to see posts like this, just to remind me baseball is still there.

Er, you may not have any idea what I'm talking about, depending on when you left SWAPA.... Do you?

My recollection is that you had more or less wandered away from baseball, after being a fan, and then got caught up in a particularly brutal season. In the course of that season (and postseason?) you observed that baseball was making you unhappy more than it was making you happy, and you resolved to avoid it, in future. Is that the gist? Or am I thinking of someone else?
I can't blame you for that decision (assuming that is you); in fact, I'm impressed that you are sticking to it. We should chat about it at some point. The closest I come to a seriously unhealthy attitude (in my own opinion) is in my frustration with managing techniques. I am able to take losses more or less in stride (although I was quite depressed at the end of 1993), but I become bad company (even for myself) when Mr. Alou starts in with the bullpen. Oh, the bullpen...

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