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averaging six, winning half

The Venerable Order of Giants have scored 67 runs in their first eleven games, six at Pac Belle and two at Chavez Ravine, all without Barry, four without Moises (who was oh-fer the games he did play).

That is all.

No it isn’t, no, wait: Our bullpen ERA is down to 6.19, including our Proven Closer’s 9.65 (6 R in 4.2 IP over 5 appearances, with one blown save and no strikeouts) and Tyler Walker’s identical 9.65 (only 5 R in 4.2 IP over 5 appearances, though, and no unearned runs). Our starters’ ERA is 4.92, including Woody’s 7.62 (12 R in 13 IP over 3 starts), and the unbeatable Noah’s 6.17 (8 R in 11.2 IP over 2 starts). Did I mention that in eleven games we have seven relievers who have seen action in five or more games?

At this point, when Barry comes back, we’ll hand him a ball and send him to the mound.

chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek,


it must be some kind of closed system. the golden state warriors are a winning team; but why, why must all 5 of the others suffer for this? pity the poor sharks, who sacrificed their entire sport so that the warriors might live again.

"The Golden State Warriors are a winning team" -- maybe relatively speaking, but they're still 33 - 48 solidly last in their division, and 12th out of 15 in the conference.

(They are not, however, the 13 - 68 Atlanta Hawks. Those kinds of numbers must be mind-boggling to baseball fans. :^) Can you imagine if a bad year for the Giants meant them losing 136 games?)

i'm making a prediction for next season, based on the 17-10 record since baron davis arrived. it's been such a night and day transformation, i forgot the team had existed before then.

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