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Hey now

OK, here's another question for Gentle Readers. As y'all are aware, YHB is a baseball fan, and although circumstances have prevented me from paying as close attention as I often do, and other circumstances have prevented my Giants from being any good, I still spend some hours every week reading about, listening to, or watching baseball. So when my recent travels happened to coincide with the All-Star Break, it was a relief. Not only would I not miss much baseball (as they do not play the day before or the day after the All-Star Game), but I wouldn't miss baseball much, if you know what I mean. It's always frustrating to read the paper and find no box-scores, and being on the road, I likely wouldn't read the paper and experience that.

So my question is for any Gentle Reader who is a sports fan: do you find, in the sport you follow, the All-Star Game to be a highlight of the year, an amusing diversion, or a frustrating annoyance? Would you prefer if they didn't play one at all?

Not that I necessarily would prefer not having an All-Star Game in Major League Baseball. My real preference, might be to replace the current post-season with a barnstorm All-Star Tour, but that won't happen. And, you know, I have enjoyed the All-Star Game in the past, although I can't remember the last time I did. Maybe when the Big Unit threw one to the backstop.

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