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Connected, sorta

Well, and YHB is trying to figure out how to use the local library's internet connection to do a trifle of blogging, before you Gentle Readers all forget why this Tohu Bohu is worth visiting. If it is. Anyway, this is being typed on the computer with dial-up, and will be (probably) saved to a floppy disc, which will then be carried into the library and so on and so forth. The thing is that when we finally get set up here in lovely (but rural) Kent CT, we will probably do the goofy wireless-network-through-the-house stuff. We'll get a wifific laptop, and be all whatsit, just like all you Gentle Readers probably have been for years. At the moment, though, it's a floppy in the pocket.

The other thing about being in the Land of Dial-Up is that I don't get my news from the computer, which really means that I don't get much news at all. An occasional radio broadcast and (gasp!) televised news are my only connection to the world. The disturbing thing is how little that disturbs me. I have some books, and I have my family to chat with, and if I don't know anything about the latest international incident, or how the war is going, or even how my Giants are doing, well, it doesn't bother my mind. Of course, I'm keeping busy, what with unpacking all my worldly possessions, or rather opening the boxes in which my worldly possessions are packed and then deciding which to unpack and which to leave in the old barn for a year. Once that is accomplished, I'll probably notice the lack of news simply as a matter of entertainment, to fill my day (particularly once my Best Reader goes back on the job). Is that all the news is to me? I know that I find the news entertaining, but I do have an ill-formed sense that I ought to follow it, that it is incumbent on me as a citizen to Keep Up. And yet ... it's not like I really need to follow the news to be a good citizen; I can vote based on principles, party affiliation and endorsements and come up with the same candidates I get from a more knowledgeable perspective. Yes, I can't participate in the great national conversations without following the news, but do I participate in those anyway?

So, tell me, is it really important for me to follow the news, or is just rationalizing my entertainment preference? It won't make any practical difference, as when I get back on the broadband, I'll be following the news anyway. What I want to know is whether I'll be a better person for it.

chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek,

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