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King High Suit

I have several times mentioned Tom Mahon of the magnificent blog English Cut, who has been on a roll since returning from his holiday in the south of France. Any Gentle Reader who has not added it to his aggregator or otherwise checked it is missing fascinating stuff. This morning’s New York Times, in its Men’s Fashion Magazine, gives a nice, if brief mention, under the heading Fit for a King. Or the Prince of Wales, anyway. My own veddy English given names, by the way, led Rabbi Tuttenauer to declare at my bris that I was actually the King of England, I’m told. I don’t recall it myself. As long as I’m releasing little tidbits of non-anonymity relating me to the Windsors, Gentle Readers might be interested in my very own English Cut suit, courtesy of Mr. Mahon and Gentle Reader Michael.


The shirt is by Albert Nipon, possibly from before Mr. Nipon’s prison sentence, or perhaps the whole tax-fraud thing was why I was able to pick it up for nearly nothing. The hat is from Dorfman Pacific’s Scalo Classico line, a bit battered, and yes, the photo was taken before Labor Day. I have no idea which tie that was, and the fading late summer light make it impossible to tell for sure, but I suspect it’s one of two I own from Rivetz of Boston. The photo was taken on the front porch of YHB’s current residence, which is as bucolic as it appears. We have moved, as the song goes, way out on the outskirts of town.

chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek,


If you'll excuse a small pun, I have to say that it suits you. I'm glad we got to see a pic.

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