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furthermore, the contractual obligations outlined in the agreement at the time of the severance clearly stipulate that he gets the chicks for free

No comment from Your Humble Blogger on the report, in College Leaders' Earnings Top $1 Million by Michael Janofsky in this mornings NYT, that John R. Silber of Boston University made $1,253,352 last year.

People who care about this sort of thing will recall that Mr. Silber is not the President of BU, nor is he the immediate past president, nor is he the president before the immediate past president. I have no idea whether President Brown is making a cool mil, nor if former Presidents Chobanian and Westling are receiving similar compensation at this late date. It is true that Mr. Silber, upon leaving the presidency, became chancellor, a position that appears to have been created for him and been retired with him. I’m sure, though, that whatever he is doing, it is worth a million and another quarter-million to the institution he headed so impressively. Particularly if it was a buyout.

I’m not sure, though, whether that level of compensation is comparable to other people who were forced out of leadership the previous year at real-estate development firms. For some reason, the Times compares his take-home with that of people leading educational institutions, which is of course preposterous.

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