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Book Report: Which Witch

After finishing Kavalier and Clay as a bedtime book, we decided on something much lighter, and went with Eva Ibbotson’s Which Witch. It worked quite well as relief. It’s not Ms. Ibbotson’s best book; it’s aimed at somewhat younger readers than The Star of Kazan, for one thing. At least it feels that way to YHB. It’s simpler, and more obvious. Strangely, it’s more about romantic love than Kazan is, although the romance itself is much simpler (and less sexual). All in all, a good book, but very much light entertainment.

You know, if YHB had gone over to Jed’s new system (instead of Jed’s old system), these could be post-dated, and come out over the week I’ll be away, instead of all in a burst. That’s a reason to change I hadn’t really thought of before. On the other hand, there’s the inertia...

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