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Circuitous but lyrical

Ridiculous meme, but it seems to be enjoyable, yoinked from The Burgess Shale:
Whip out your music program, click the random button, and pick out 10 songs. Alter the name by turning it into a convoluted, wordy synonym. For example: Silent Night = Nocturnal Time Completely Lacking Noise. When someone guesses the title correctly, italicize the convoluted one and put the real title and the person who figured it out.
  1. Hazard an inquiry into the identity of the person who has arrived in the metropolitan area: Guess Who’s in Town (recorded by Bobby Short), Kendra/Nao (close enough)
  2. This infant of mine has no emotional attachment to persons other than myself: My Baby Only Cares for Me (recorded by Katherine Whalen), Kendra (who missed the possessive, but got the song right)
  3. Depart with me: Let’s Go (recorded by the Cars), Michael
  4. All terrestrial substances
  5. Atop a brume of CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8�4H2O: On a Turquoise Cloud (recorded by Duke Ellington), Stephen
  6. Half a fortnight: One Week (recorded by Barenaked Ladies), Melissa R
  7. Infused Camellia, T�te à T�te (or, alternately, Don’t bogart that joint, it’s just you and me): Tea for Two (recorded by Duke Ellington), Stephen
  8. Hatchway leading down to a subterranean room: Cellar Door (recorded by Laura Cantrell), Melissa R.
  9. Withdraw a bit: Get Back (recorded by The Beatles), Michael
  10. Impregnable Terpsichore: The Safety Dance, Stephen

As a bonus, because it’s actually quite hard to stop, there’s Mortified Stramineousness, The Sunny Season under Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, and One Has Got.

chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek,


2. Baby Cares for Only Me

3. Come Away with Me?

7. Tea for Two

5. On a Turquoise Cloud

10. Safety Dance

Stephen is three-for-three so far, while Kendra is one-for-two. Admittedly, Come Away with Me fulfills the whatnot, but it was not the song I was thinking of.


4. Everything on Earth (is there a song called that?)
6. One Week
8. Cellar Door

Mortified Stramineousness!! *goes to look up the latter*

--- melissa

Melissa is two-for-three so far, and got number four half right. In fact, when I left out the songs that needed to be left out, I ought to have left this one out as well, as the band and song are both obscure. There are at least two Gentle Readers who are familiar with the song, and it's just possible that one of those has played the CD in question (or the cassette, which gives you an idea) for other Gentle Readers as well. So don't sweat number four.

Three and Nine, however, are well-known songs by well-known bands, and One is one of those things that YHB thinks is well-known enough to play, but may well not be.


1. Guess who's back in town. (I'm just guessing, really.)

Not quite. You've added a concept that was not in the original.

It is, however, by the same lyricist who wrote "Alexander's Back in Town" along with, er, Lonicera bloom; Indeed, mon enfant, is it not the case that I, in relation to you, typify all that is excellent; It's my intention to relocate to a location less central, but still within the greater metropolitan area; 00000 & 0000FF; Remaining, on the whole, out of trouble these days; and Conditional to my inability to bring the product to market, I expect to make no changes in my current position ensconced thereupon.


Doesn't sound like this is what you are looking for, but #4 (All terrestrial substances) could be "The Elements", Tom Lehrer.

Mm, yes, I see what I did. Unfortunately, the only other phrases that come to mind don't produce obvious songs whose titles they could be when I Google them.

I think I might try producing a list of ten songs, too. Did you discard those which were too obscure (at least for the people you know read this Tohu Bohu) or which were hard to make appropriately complicated?

Mostly I discarded songs which included names (such as the Milneburg Joys or the Kansas City Stomp), or were in foreign languages, or didn't seem entertaining at all. Oddly enough, the two completely unguessed songs (3 and 9) were right at the top of my most-guessable list, so I don't think that guessability should necessarily be a criterion.


9. Back up a Little Bit, by Hank Penny, King of Hillbilly Bebop.

(Don't think that's right, just wanted to say "Hillbilly Bebop.")

3. Is She Really Going Out With Him?, by Joe Jackson

3. "We Go Together", John Yravolta and Olivia Newton-John

No, and no, and no. OK, hint time.

Hint for 3 and 9: One of the two songs is a recording by The Cars, and the other is a recording by The Beatles.

3. Let's Go

9. Get Back

Looks like Bobby Short has a song called "Guess Who's Back in Town." Could that be #1?

Michael: Oll Korrect.

Kendra, that's the second guess of "Guess Who's Back in Town"; the actual song is called "Guess Who's in Town". In accordance with the MFQ principle, I'm giving you and Nao half-credit, providing you can relate an amusing story about Beethoven.

The other songs by Andy Razaf referenced above, bye-the-bye, are "Honeysuckle Rose", "Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You", "I'm Gonna Move Way Out to the Outskirts of Town", "Black and Blue", "Keeping Out of Mischief Now", and "If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sitting on It".

Oh, and the bonus songs are: "Death by Blonde" (Devotchka), "Summer in Siam" (The Pogues), and "Ver es Hot" (Klezmatics). I'll leave #4 open for a day or two, just in case.


4. Everything (Lifehouse) / Every Little Thing (Beatles)

My guess is on one of your extra credit songs. The Sunny Season under Her Majesty Queen Sirikit is Indian Summer. My suggestion as to who did the VERSION you listen to, knowing what I know of your musical tastes, would be Frank Sinatra.

This meme is so fun, after I'm done listening to the CD I'm listening to, I'll participate in it myself :)

Oops - I see that I was both wrong and late :) - I'll participate anyway...

A good guess though. Matt, that is, not Michael, although those both qualify as well. However, the band recording # 4 is not only less well-known than The Beatles, but less well-known than Lifehouse. Much less. Much less.

And sorry, Matt, about giving away the bonus questions before you had your shot at it.


Alas, I have no stories about Beethoven, amusing or not.

I do have a list of my own, however

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