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marvelous, marvelous

The show has gone quite well. We aren’t a big hit, at least in the ticket-selling sense, but the people who have come have seemed quite appreciative. And, this being a small town, many of the people who have seen the show have subsequently seen Your Humble Blogger in daylight and stopped to say “I saw you in the play...”

So. Because it is evidently needed (although not by my Gentle Readers, I’m sure), here’s a little remedial information on What to Say to somebody who you do not know, or have only a nodding acquaintance with, after you have seen them in a small community-theater play. Always Good:

  • We had a great time.
  • You looked great in those costumes!
  • What are you doing next?
  • We told all our friends to go (if the show is still running, otherwise ‘all our friends went and loved it, too’)
  • Isn’t [director] wonderful? I like every show she does
Not actually as good as it seems, so avoid saying, unless you are actually friends with the cast member and having a nice chat:
  • How do you memorize all those lines?
  • You really carried the show (or ‘You and [another cast member] carried the show)
  • I liked everyone except [cast member]
Unless we are old friends or have actually been in a show together, do not say:
  • Wasn’t Act One awfully long?
  • I thought [cast member] was miscast
  • What was up with [that thing]?

Note, by the way, that if we are old friends, and particularly if we’ve been in a show together, then I would love to sit down and have a nice, bitchy talk about how unbelievably long Act One is, and whether so-and-so was right for the part, and how that thing was a good idea but somehow didn’t work, and I don’t know why. But if I don’t know you from Adam, I do not want to have that conversation with you, and you really don’t want to have it with me, either, now, do you?

chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek,


What about "you seemed insincere when you were talking to That Character -- was that your interpretation of your character, or are you just a bad actor?" (grin)

That sort of question is exactly the sort of thing I like talking about with Old Friends, but am not going to chat about with Complete Strangers.

Speaking of which, was it really just with M. de Tourvel that Monsieur the Vicomte sounded totally insincere? I think I use a similar voice with Cecile and also with the Chevalier Danceny, although it isn't exactly the same. Really, I was attempting to have three voices: the voice with Madame the Marquise, the voice with his hapless victims, and his voice with his servant. In the first act, I attempt to keep them all completely separate, but over the second, they slip. I try to bullshit Madame the Marquise (unsuccessfully, of course), and allow a tinge of sincerity into a scene with de Tourvel. And, ideally, in the death scene with the Chevalier, which we're playing as sincere. Well, mostly sincere.

I think it worked pretty well -- I was just surprised by it at first, because it wasn't what I was expecting.

Speaking of expectations: Now that the show is over, do you think you'll watch the Frears/Malkovich/Close movie version?

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