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Mutants: Threat or Menace?

OK, I’ve never been a big fan of Mick LaSalle, but surely his review of X-Men: The Last Stand takes the proverbial. I don’t expect to like the movie much, myself, but surely it’s a little ... insane ... to object to it because mutants are bad.

No, seriously, his main objection to the movie is not that it’s “noisy and busy” and “grim and self-important”, although he does make a point of that. No, in almost every paragraph of the review, Mr. LaSalle emphasizes that “mutants and Homo sapiens not only can't get along but shouldn't get along”, and that the movie’s bogus tolerance is what is really wrong with it. Now, perhaps Mr. LaSalle was attacked by mutants as a child, and is now entirely incapable of rational thought on any tangentially related subject, but ...

Quite aside from the absurdity of the argument (are even the X-Men that much more dangerous than people with guns?), there’s the basic idea that a summer blockbuster should be graded on its socio-political premise in a newspaper review. Sure, if the Nation wants to examine the subtleties of the summer blockbuster, they should go ahead (and they do a much better job of it than Mr. LaSalle, putting the thing into, you know, cultural context), but this is a newspaper review. Get the proverbial grip.

chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek,


And the Da Vinci Code is way too soft on Papists.

That critic Mick LaSalle is the dumbest piece of shit out there. All his reviews are absolutely ridiculous. This guy has no idea what a movie is intended to do, or how to properly view and grade a movie.

Mick? Is that you?

Seriously, Mick, this has got to stop. You are not going to goad me into defending you by making crude phony attacks on yourself. This Tohu Bohu has better things to do than to rank the dumbness of pieces of shit out there.



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