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Book Report: A Dirty Job

Speaking of genre fights, is A Dirty Job generally considered to be a fantasy novel? I mean, it is a fantasy novel, but is it in the genre?

By the way, talking about YHB’s reaction to this book entails talking about the Sources of Reader Pleasure and Annoyance idea that I am on about these days. First of all, I like the whole Somebody-Wakes-Up-And-Discovers-That-He-Is-Death-The-Grim-Reaper-and-Destroyer-of-Souls-or-Actually-Something-Not-Quite-Like-That subgenre, back from actually quite enjoying On a Pale Horse back when I was in high school. So, plus points, there. And more plus points for doing something moderately clever with it. Then, I quite like the whole comic-fantasy-set-in-the-modren-world thing, at least if it really is comic (otherwise major annoyance points), and this actually is comic, so lots of points there. On the other hand, the book is badly plotted, so minus points. And it has one of the most annoying plot problems, the obvious-plot-point-that-the-main-character-hasn’t-figured-out-that-the-reader-figured-out-a-hundred-pages-ago, so minus points there, particularly as it’s in its worst form, the one where the author reveals the plot point in a flourish at the end, and the reader suddenly realizes that he wasn’t supposed to have figured it out a hundred pages ago, but you know, the reader isn’t dim, and there go more minus points. Altogether, the book ends up (for YHB) well on the plus side, although with a book that has lots of plus and minus points and then winds up on the plus side by a bit, as opposed to a book that ends up in the same place but with rather less deviation, I feel lucky to have enjoyed the book, and am not keen on reading another, at least not for a while.

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