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Perhaps not quite enough yet ... ok, now.

Your Humble Blogger has written before about campaign songs, but it appears that Have You Had Enough has not made an appearance on this Tohu Bohu. So y’all may not know anything about it. Which would be bad. So.

It seems that Tom Maxwell, formerly of the Squirrel Nut Zippers and currently of NC-08, was looking for a way to help out his candidate of choice, a fellow named Larry Kissell. He had donated money, and all, but he was a musician, and wanted a way to help, you know, musically. So, what to do. Well, why not take the tune from “Put a Lid On It”, write new lyrics (with Ken Mosher), record it and make it available for candidates he liked to use. Not just Mr. Kissell, either, because through the magic of technology’n’stuff, it’s easy to just slip another name in there. Thus the scalability of nationalizing the campaign. N’stuff. Oh, and they needed a woman to do the lead vocals, so Ricky Lee Jones chipped in. Eventually,a fellow named Mike McIntee did a video, also suitable for localizationage as well as for Teh Utoob.

Now, it may possibly have been mentioned, here and there, that Connecticut is having an odd senatorial election. Historically odd. Not “Hunh, that’s odd” odd, but “some even say that in the last decades of the species called man” odd. Now, it seems, the Had Enough Swing Band is going to be Swingin’ throo CeeTee with Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Mosher, Ms. Jones and friends. I might even get out of the house and go dance on the metaphorical grave of the Connecticut Republican Party.

chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek,


THAT's what the Democrats need! SWING!

"Have you had enough?" Doo do do do do do doo-oo doo doo...

*dances off to the voting booth*


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