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Also, there was a trip to the No Such Thing store, where we purchased the self-spreading peanut butter

Well, and Your Humble Blogger has returned, as promised. Since my last post, I have eaten chicken, pork, ham, shrimp, goose, venison, lamb, goat and some unidentifiable form of fish. Also some sausages that by rights ought to have been pork. Oh, and I suppose I have had a very small amount of beef, in the form of a highly spiced sausage sliced very thin and placed on top of a pizza.

And some vegetables.

And chocolate. Rather a lot of chocolate, really.

Also I watched much more broadcast television than usual, including several quiz shows. I think I may just possibly have figured out Deal or No Deal, which is a sort of Beckett quiz show, where the form of the quiz show remains, but all the questions and answers are removed, and time slows down, and the viewer enters a sort of perceptual netherworld where action of any kind appears impossible, at least until after the commercial break. It is interesting to me, though, that it is the only show I’ve ever seen that openly acknowledges that the break for commercials is an unpleasant chore to be finished before one can watch the show again. On the other hand, the commercials were often far more entertaining than the show, so where are you. Family Feud, on the other hand, is a far more interesting and challenging way to utterly waste a half-hour that will never come back.

As for the New Year, well, as Michael says, this is the Year the Lord made, and it’s too late to give it back.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


I hadn't made the Deal or No Deal :: Beckett connection before, and it is genius.

As for the rest of it: Every time a human eats pork, Babe and Webster weep tears of blood.

Just saying.

Myself, I prefer making Bambi weep tears of blood. Mmm-mm venison!

Also, inasmuch as Jesus is the Lamb of God, when you eat lamb A) the baby Jesus weeps tears of blood, and B) you're participating in the Mystery of the Sacrament.

I'm on a roll, and I could probably say something similar about other types of meat, but I think I've nursed that joke about all I care to, thanks (you're welcome).

As for the New Year, is regifting allowed?


I always figured I liked Babe more because I watched it whilst eating leftovers from Redbones. If I remember, it was the baby back ribs and some really good sausage.

...mmmmmmmmmmm, Babe.


There really should be a better way of expressing this emotion than ROFLMAO, but there it is.


Hey, it's the new motto! Cool!

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