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"There is considerable diversity of opinion..."

I wasn’t going to write another note today, but I do want to draw the attention of any interested parties to the Report of the Communion Subgroup to the Primates Meeting of the Anglican Communion. The short version is given in the Guardian’s headline: Anglican leaders avoid church split over homosexuals. You can also read the feed from the Episcopal News Service: Primates engage in 'intense listening,' discuss Windsor response. Those sniggering about primates may be excused. Thank you.

OK, everybody come back in. You can snigger if you want to. But here’s the conclusions from the report that went out over the Archbishop of Canterbury’s signature:

There was clearly a strong groundswell within the General Convention to walk more closely with the Communion and in the commitment to a common life. There is considerable diversity of opinion within the Episcopal Church as indeed there is across the life of the Communion. It is clear that Lambeth Resolution 1.10 is going to continue for the foreseeable future as the standard of teaching by which the Anglican Communion as a whole will live. It is also clear that it is not only those who have expressed their strong disassociation from the decisions of the 74th General Convention in 2003 who have a commitment to the life of the Communion. There are many elements of the Episcopal Church who share that commitment, who wish to abide within the full recommendations of the Windsor Report and still remain committed to the life of the Episcopal Church. It is the duty of the wider Communion to nourish and encourage all those within the Episcopal Church who wish to embrace our common and interdependent life.
Snigger at that, if you like.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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