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The Youngest Member

It seems that a Bean and a Crumpet and an Egg were sharing a little dinner at their club, when the subject came up of what to call the Youngest Member. The Crumpet suggested that the appellation Perfect Non-Reader be summarily transferred, and that the previous holder of the title be given some new means of reference, as she can certainly read. The Bean objected, as it would imply some diminution of perfection on the part of that personage. The Egg reasoned that the attribute of perfection could easily be added to the new title, but conceded that such would be awkward, with perfection attributed to both individuals, possibly leading to confusion. There was not a little discussion, heated some were to say, on the topic, before turning the matter over, as of course it would always have to have been turned over, to the Oldest Member.

“What should we call the Youngest Member?” they asked him, and then repeated it a good deal louder, as the Oldest Member complained of slight deafness in one ear.

“The Youngest Member?” he replied.

“The Youngest Member!” came the shout in response.

“Ah,” said the Oldest Member, “The Youngest Member.”

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Welcome, Youngest Member!

Indeed welcome, Youngest Member, and many felicitations to the Whole Family.

yay! i have not yet met a "youngest" who is older than a younger!

Dear Perfect Non-Reader,

I hear that you can now read quite well. I have a Younger, too, and we are very happy to have each other. I hope you enjoy being a bit older than the Youngest Reader (and the Youngest enjoys being a bit younger than you) for years and years.

Hooray for everyone!

Greetings and salutations to the Youngest Member!

I wish Youngest Member much joy of his excellent Club, and I wish the elder members much joy in their excellent new member!

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