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Book Report: High Stakes

In case any Gentle Reader has difficulty keeping track of which Dick Francis is which, and I can’t imagine why you would, High Stakes is the toymaker one.

And for those having difficulty keeping track of which publisher is which, it appears that the Dick Francis line is no longer published by Fawcett, which is an imprint of Ballantine Books, which is a subsidiary of Random House, which is a division of Bertelsmann AG, but by Berkley, which is an imprint of Putnam, which is now part of The Penguin Group (USA), which of course is a subsidiary of Pearson plc. Update your bookmarks accordingly.

This is one of the better ones, actually. Top third, I would think. Or maybe it just suited my mood. It’s a calm, leisurely one, with a minimum of violence (two) and an amusing if nonsensical plot. There’s also what might perhaps be the first of what were to be frequent digs at the English Turf by pointing out that in America they have safeguards so nothing like this could possibly happen. Oh, and to follow up on something mentioned quite some time ago, this is one of the ones where Mr. Francis has a character say that you can always tell if a woman has lost her virginity, and in this case it is the main character, and pretty clearly Mr. Francis is speaking for himself. He doesn’t say if it’s possible to tell if a man has lost his virginity. Something about the eyes, I would guess.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,