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Two strategies

You know, I hate to apologize for the Democratic Party, particularly when I think they did the wrong thing. But you know what I might do if I were Harry Reid and I were really clever? I might publicly withdraw the “deadlines” from a bill that had no chance of becoming law or being enforced if it did become law, and pass something with some “benchmarks” that had enforcement clauses, making them essentially serve the same purpose as timetables but without dates. Then I’d watch Our Only President veto it (as he has pledged to do) and say Look! What the fuck does that crazy motherfucker want?

I’m not saying that’s what he is going to do, but I will say that Harry Reid is smarter than I am. And he knows, better that I do, that the “timetables” they have withdrawn would not have brought our boys and girls home by 2008. So I’m waiting.

Of course, I don’t think that the strategy I outlined, which is essentially a risk-averse strategy for trapping Our Only President into ever larger mistakes and ever lower popularity, is the right one for my Party at this time. No, the mistakes are big enough, and the popularity is low enough, it’s time to shit or get off the pot. Introduce a resolution to repeal the Authorization of Force, stating that whereas the Only President We’ve Got has lost the confidence of the American People, and whereas he cannot be trusted to do a perfectly simple thing like kill Osama Bin-Laden, the Congress of these United States, duly assembled, authorizes him only to use such force as is necessary to withdraw all combat troops from Iraq as safely and quickly as possible. And I’d make every damn’ Republican vote to filibuster it, and I’d put their photographs on a big poster that says “These Silly People Still Have Confidence in George W. Bush”.

Sure, there are risks. And frankly, even if my crazy strategy worked, it wouldn’t end the war. But I think it would get us another handful of congressman in 2008, and maybe another handful of Electors, too.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,