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Suspended disbelief

Heigh-ho, Gentle Readers, Your Humble Blogger is back again, all connected and whatnot. Love that phone company.

I know, I know, Gentle Readers, you were left without YHB’s deep-but-broad analysis of the Big News of the Day, and all. I know that it wasn’t so much of a shock as we might have expected, and that really, the outrage comes from the fact that we kind of expected it. But really. America’s national nightmare is just beginning.

He isn’t even the Neifi Perez of baseball without stimulants. Surely Major League Baseball should be hanging its head in shame, not flaunting all the so-called superstars who happen to have never tested positive. Neifi Perez. Neifi Perez. Baseball will never be the same.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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