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Hitting him in the ass on the way out

Just as a one-liner, Your Humble Blogger is fond of this press release from Rahm Emanuel (D-IL):

Alberto Gonzales is the first Attorney General who thought the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth were three different things. The President should nominate a new Attorney General whose loyalty to the Constitution is greater than his loyalty to the Republican Party.

I’ll add on my own that Attorney General Gonzales is a prime example of a Cabinet appointee who clearly intended to carry out the President’s agenda, and for whom the actual job as usually understood was irrelevant. We discussed this here in regards to Condoleezza Rice and the position of Secretary of State, where it was for the most part agreed that although she appeared to be without qualifications for the job as America’s top diplomat, she was qualified for the job she would actually be carrying out for this Administration.

I try to remember, now and then, to say that Our Only President and his cabal of crooks and incompetents have both indicated their willingness to violate the laws of the legislature and indicated their eagerness to violate the unwritten (and formerly largely reciprocal) norms of political behavior. Nothing the Alberto Gonzalez did in the Cabinet so became him as the leaving of it, which is true even though he left it in disgrace, petulantly, dishonestly, selfishly and with no concern for our country.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,



the best thing alberto gonzales ever did, via truemajority:

And, while Alberto Gonzales' resignation is great news for the country, it's doubly great news for Ashley from Middlebury, VT, who will be celebrating with a year's worth of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. You may recall that back in March, when the story about the AG's office firing U.S. Attorneys for political reasons broke, that we started a little office pool to predict when Mr. Gonzales was going to resign and invited everyone to join.

ash-ley! ash-ley! ash-ley!

now, as to my prediction of who will run the AG now that the brain has left the building, maybe there should be a justice czar to help figure that out? someone who is ultimately responsible for upholding the laws passed by the legislature?

i had this other thought, as i was signing a letter to the president(s) about the replacement. i liked the letter, but thought the more concise version would be,

remember when you took that oath of office?

... it wasn't a dream.

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