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The angels may be taken metaphorically, or, you know, not, just as you please

As a postscript to the earlier conversation—we were looking for rock/pop songs, etc, and I think it’s a good idea to keep Children’s Music out of that whole discussion. There is a lot of good Children’ s Music out there, and it’s a different discussion. So perhaps to start that discussion, and perhaps for other, better reasons, here’s a song I know from a Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer album, but I think it's by Red Grammer:

On the day that Jamey was born
On the day that Jamey was born
On the day that Jamey was born
The angels sang and they blew on their horns
And they smiled, and they danced
And they raised up their hands
On the day, on the day the Jamey was born!
The song can be sung with any name, of course, and should be sung with everybody’s name. And, in fact, in the version I was talking about above (from All Wound Up!), they end with a verse like this:
Today, someone’s being born.
Today, someone’s being born.
Today, someone’s being born.
The angels sing and they blow on their horns
And they smile, and they dance
And they raise up their hands
’cos today, ’cos today, someone’s being born!

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


And then there's the Birthday Polka

Let's see. It's a zipper song:

Sing hallelujah and toot upon a horn,
Hold your hat, hold your specs,
Man the pumps, clear the decks,
Lord knows what will happen next,
Jamey's been born!

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