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As if I didn't already have 54 subscriptions on my aggregator

Gentle Readers who have enjoyed reading comments here on this Tohu Bohu by that Gentlest of Readers who signs himself Michael may be overjoyed to discover that he has, according to statute, custom and law, started his own damn blog. And a good blog, too.

In fact, even those Gentle Readers who don’t enjoy his comments, or who are indifferent to them may well enjoy the blog. It’s a lovely combination of personal observation, photography, and general rumination. Without so much nasty old politics.

But that’s not all!

No, if you act now (and even if you don’t), subscribers will receive not one but two bloggers! Michael is joined by the lovely, perceptive and ludicrously overeducated Lisa, another Gentle Reader and sometime commenter on this Tohu Bohu. Lisa has not been what we bloggers call Yglesiastic, or hyperprolific, as yet, but those of us with the feed look forward to her posts as we do to ... um ... good blog posts by people we like. Or like similes, rare but sparkling. Not similes. Other word. Starts with an S. You know.

And it’s possible, I hear, that there may yet be additions to the blurry roster. Hoorah! and Hurray! And so on. It’s called House Out of Focus—ask for it by name!

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Post Script: Whilst pimping, I should probably add my pleasure that Phillies Foul Balls is back in business, at least for nine more games, and who knows? Maybe more than that. That’s what I’m reduced to. Hoping the Phillies make the playoffs. Feh. Ah, well.

Post Post Script: At some point, I should list those Gentle Readers who have their own blogs and LJs; there’s My Gracious Host, of course, and Matt Hulan (with Chris), and hapa. In LJ, there are adfamiliares, asmanyaswill, carpenter, Gannet, irilyth, jaipur, psocoptera and Wayman, some of whom comment here under different names, but I believe they all are occasional readers. I’m sure I’m missing some, but I can’t think of who.


Yeah, I can't make any promises to keep the blog up past the end of the season. Although at the very least there will be one doozy of a long post at some point talking about the systematic problems I see with the team. But thanks for the link, since most people who read it before had long since given up on it.

We'll be doing our best for the Phillies' chances the next few days. Sadly, our best stinks.
And by our best I mean we'll be trotting out a bunch of over-the-hill losers, all dinged up and exhausted, but clinging to their positions with a tenacity one would have to admire, if one were, say, Dusty Baker. But we won't just throw in the towel and give the young fellows playing time. Nossir. We'll put Ray Durham in the lineup two of those three games. That'll make you feel better, I'm sure.


Well two more like last night would certainly satisfy me. Heck, one more would fall into the category of more than could be hoped for.

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