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Science Fiction ... in Art!

OK, one of y’all who knows something about the Hugos can tell me—is Patricia Piccinini, for an example, eligible for a Hugo of any kind? It appears to me that the Best Artist award is for, excuse me whilst I look up the rules, an “illustrator”. The rules for best Fan Artist are a trifle murky, allowing for “any public display” which should include (again, as one example) the exhibition Hug: Recent Work by Patricia Piccinini at the Frye Museum or Double Love Knot at the Lismore Gallery or (tender) creatures at Artium. But it would be utterly ridiculous to nominate her in that category, wouldn’t it?

I do understand that the Hugos are a community award, and that it isn’t really reasonable to expect the nominators to go to, for another example, the Venice Bienniale and decide whether to nominate David Altmejd, Pravdoliub Ivanov or Cheri Samba. And I understand that Tim Hawkinson and Laurie Anderson are not dying to take home a Hugo. But it seems to me that lots of visual artists are working on themes that are well within any reasonable definition of science fiction: the interactions of technology and humanity, the interactions of myth and reason, the interactions of culture and progress. Is there some appropriate way for the science fiction world to acknowledge this, and to celebrate it?

Perhaps what I’m looking for is for WorldCon to arrange with a local museum or gallery to put together an exhibit, and to invite some artist or artists to speak. Or maybe there’s something else. But every now and then I come across a Patricia Piccinini and think, now that’s what I’m talking about when I’m talking about science fiction.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,