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from blue to orange

Gentle Readers all, settle in for a bit of a shift. By the kind hands of Mine Gracious Host, this Tohu Bohu is going to undergo a bit of a change. Most of y’all will experience it as a purely cosmetic change, I hope not an unpleasant one. I hope you like orange.

The big news about the change, though, is that at long last Your Humble Blogger has decided to give in and have a feed. Enjoy. I hope that you all still read the site in your browsers and continue to (or start to) comment; the reason I’ve been reluctant to institute the feed business is because I want you here, commenting, not on some aggregator, reading. But you can get here from your aggregator, when you have something to say, which I hope is often.

Don’t make me regret this.

The other thing I’ve added is a list of Potential Notes, which should be sites that I’ve noticed and set aside for possibly writing about. My hope is that the list right up front where I can’t miss it will spark me to write about them, but my other hope is that (1) some Gentle Reader will shoot me an email expressing an actual interest in my writing about one of them, now and then, or (b) some Gentle Reader will be sufficiently interested in one of them to write about it over at their place, thus saving me the trouble. We’ll see how it works. Once the thing appears (on the sidebar on the right, if all goes well and the creek don’t rise), feel free to use it however you like.

As you should the rest of the site, really. I’m in it for the comments, as I think I’ve said before, but y’all should be in it for ... well, what are you in it for?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Thanks for the feed! There are a number of friend's blogs I read via RSS that I still comment at, so don't worry.

Me? I'm in it for the Dick Francis reviews. Read Dead Heat yet?

Yay feed!

I'll be honest: I'm in it for the health plan.


Given that there's currently a very active discussion going on in comments on a recent entry, I'm going to wait to make the changeover -- I'll have to import the new comments, and I don't want to miss any.

It's possible I'll do the changeover late tonight, when I think most of the active commenters on that other entry will be asleep. Or it's possible I'll wait another day and see if the discussion dies down.

(Note to active commenters: this is not in any way a request for you to end that thread; please keep posting to it as long as you have things to say.)

Good thinking, Jed. We've got a live one!

I had been thinking I would have to copy and paste all the latest comments, which I would have done, because they are all wonderful, and interesting, and making me want to keep blogging. Of course, the actual topic of the post—the near proximity of rich-white-educated and poor-black-uneducated and the egregious and shameful differences between them—has given way to more general discussions of ways to combat poverty, and even more general discussions of systems of cultural, governmental, commercial and spiritual organization. Which just adds to the fun...


I like it. Nicely done, Jed.


Arg. Comment spam. I saw there were some comments about online crosswords and decided to check it out. (I work with a crossword puzzle author, and thought I might comment or forward if the conversation was interesting.)

Fool me once...

Yes, sorry. One result of switching from roll-your-own to world-famous software is that the spambots now know about me. I'm still working out some issues with comment spam, moderation, etcetera, etcetera. This means that (a) way more comment spam will appear on the site for a few hours, at least until I get things straightened out, and (2) some comments, particularly with 3 or more links to other sites, will be held for moderation for a few hours. I am often on-line and able to get to things quickly, but not always...


Ah, that explains why one of my comments was held for moderation -- too many links.

How odd. When I get to the stand-alone comment window by clicking on a link in the "latest comments" sidebar, the form at the bottom of the page is incomplete. For example, right now there's nowhere for me to enter my name. But after I post my comment, the window reloads with a complete form.

And there's no separators in the incomplete version either, no trackback, and various other differences.

I'm in it for the prose. Wit and insight a bonus.

Hrm. So, i don't like to complain, but i feel like my personal ability to follow comments has gone down as a result of the change. It used to be, i'd go check your page every day, and anything that was the unread link colour was a new entry, and i'd read that, and any comment count that was the unread link colour meant new comments added, so i'd read that.

Now, read links and unread links seem to be the same colour as each other, or near enough as does me no good, so i can't tell at a glance if there are new posts. So, okay, i switched to the feed, and that's fine with me. But the feed doesn't tell me about new comments, only about new posts. So, until i figure out a better solution, i'm much less likely to be reading comments, which is a sad thing. :>/

I notice that Jed turned on separate a comments feed to his own blog. Does that mean he could give you one? That would pretty much address the problem as far as i'm concerned.

I second everything Chaos said (as I often do).

Y'all's wish is our command: here's a comments feed. (Don't thank me, thank Steve Lawson, who did all the work of creating the comments feed and made it easy to add to any MT journal.)

At some point, we should also either get rid of the pop-up comments or fix the pop-up comment window, or both; and potentially change the coloring of various things to show new comments, which I used to do in my old journal but maybe my MT journal doesn't do that any more? Huh. Anyway, eventually we'll improve things, but for now the feed should help at least some of you.

Ooh! Shiny! Jed says not to thank him, but i will anyway, so there.

Well, now I'm seeing the Name and Email fields. Let's see if it posts.

In other news, there's now an LJ feed for this, briefly named vardibidian_fee, but now successfully renamed to vardibidianfeed.

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