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All together now, on five

From Jon Carroll’s inimitable column this morning: “I think everything should have a chorus. Wouldn't the presidential debates be better with a chorus? ”

Yes, yes they would. He’s speaking specifically of an opera-style chorus. I was thinking more operetta style chorus, like a Gilbert-and-Sullivan thing:

Rudy Giuliani: I brought down crime more than anyone in this country—maybe in the history of this country—while I was mayor of New York City.
CHORUS: When he was mayor of New York City, when he was mayor of New York City, when he was mayor, when he was mayor, when he was mayor … of New York City!

On the other hand, maybe a Greek Tragedy Chorus would be more appropriate:

CHORUS: O voice of Gd sweet-toned, with what intent
Cam’st thou from Arkansas, where the razorbacks grunt,
To this District, of high estate?
Fainting for fear, we quiver in suspense
(Hear us, O healer! Paul of Texas, hear!),
In brooding dread, what doom, of present growth,
Or as the months roll on, thy hand will work;
Tell me, O Voice divine, thou child of golden Hope!

It’s true, you know, everything is better with a chorus.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,