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Miles Tones

This note, if my software is counting correctly, and there’s no reason to assume it is, will become the 1,500th note in this Tohu Bohu. That works out to an average of six a week for the four-and-three-quarters years that Your Humble Blogger has been Humbly Blogging.

My 100th note, it turns out, was about Dennis Prager. Back in those days, I was having Eleana Benador email me right-wing columns to keep up with what was going on. I don’t know when that stopped, but it was a long time ago. Now the links from that entry are dead. Ah, well. Let’s go on.

My 200th note came as I was moving residences and internet service providers, and is memorable mostly because YHB forgot to give it a title, so Mine Gracious Host had to step in for me. My 300th note was a Book Report on Ten and a Kid, a lovely book by Sadie Rose Weilerstein that I would like to reread, now that I’ve been reminded of it. My 400th note is the first appearance of Barack Obama, a rather critical analysis of his keynote speech at DNC2004. My 500th note is a Parshah prep about Chaye Sarah. My 600th note is primarily a rant about the use of the word meme, but also contains a (still valid) offer to rant on any topic of a Gentle Reader’s choosing. My 700th note is a Book Report on Villa Incognito, which (like my 600th note) contains an egregious error. My 800th note was an unsuccessful attempt to find out if Gentle Readers who are sports fans enjoy their All-Star Games. My 900th note was an excellent example of the ways my Book Reports often fail to report on the book they purport to. My 1,000th note is an embarrassed little shrug about my arrogant ignorance of popular culture (specifically Harrison Ford flicks). It would have been nice if my thousandth entry were something cool, such as the beginning of the Liaisons stuff or a wonderful guest post by my Best Reader. My 1,100th post is about intolerance and proselytizing in a small town in Delaware. My 1,200th post is Pure Drivel, or at least a Book Report on the work of that name. My 1,300th post is about feedback in the system of politics, policy and personality. My 1,400th post is a set of three things I didn’t have time to write about. And my 1,500th entry is one of those dumb navel-gazing entries that can’t get its head out of its own tailspin.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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