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A galaxy of flavor, only not so much

So here’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask for more than a week now: Are Milky Way bars much worse than they used to be? Because I used to like them, when I was a teenager, and now they are nasty. I may well have been nasty myself as a teenager. It’s hard to be sure.

It seems to me there are three explanations: 1) the bars are crappier now than they were, because the company is using cheaper ingredients, more filler and nastier preservatives; b) my tastes have changed, in that I eat a lot less milk chocolate than I did, and I eat dark chocolate now when I eat chocolate, so the absence of echt chocolate flavor in a Milky Ways bar is more noticeable to me that in was; iii) I have developed everything-was-better-when-I-was-a-kid disease. It’s likely all three of these, but I’m curious how much to weight the three.

My Best Reader suggests an entirely different explanation: It was actually Three Musketeers bars that I liked, not Milky Ways bars at all. This seems likely, actually. Although, mmmm… caramel. So. Also, I haven’t had a Three Musketeers bar recently. There don’t seem to be any in my Perfect Non-Reader’s Hallowe’en stash, either.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


What do you think of Milky Way Dark?

I suspect a large helping of 2, modified heavily by the Alternate Suggestion, and lightly sprinkled with I and C.

irilyth's comment is also a good one.

However, in the interests of science, I am forced to mention that both Milky Ways and Three Musketeers have always been nasty.


Incidentally, I originally read "I eat dark chocolate now when I eat chocolate" as "I eat dork chocolate now when I eat chocolate," which seemed funnier for some reason and only becomes a faintly disturbing notion after you think about it too long...


Three Musketeers bars are better than they used to be, because I no longer ever eat anything remotely similar to them. They taste like childhood. But they don't taste like food.

i was a chocolate and rice person

b., 1., and iii in that order, IMO.

I like cheap chocolate bars myself and still enjoy them, but they're not "good" in the objective "i'm a food snob" way.

now that you know, you don't have to eat them again :)

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