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A Short Quiz about Fascism

There’s been a lot of loose talk lately about fascism, and evidently Your Humble Blogger does not feel that there has been enough loose talk about fascism, because here I am, you know, talking loosely.

Here. A short quiz. Give yourself 10 points for every A, five points for every 2, and zero points for every iii. Complete the sentence:

People are different one to another, and that

  • must be dealt with harshly to prevent the degradation of the State
  • confuses me and frightens me a little, although I suppose it takes all kinds
  • makes the world interesting and fun

This has been a short quiz about fascism.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Wow, that Jonah Goldberg. What a turdburgler, huh?


and not "remarkably similar" to a turdburgler, either. a real live one.

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