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Book Report: The Wednesday Wars

Your Humble Blogger likes Young Adult specfic, but not so much the reality-based stuff. Travails of junior high school students whose parents don’t understand them and whose relationships with the opposite sex are suddenly fraught, you know, that sort of thing is much more interesting if they are being attacked by a zombie while they are studying for their standardized tests. On Mars.

So I wouldn’t have expected to like The Wednesday Wars, by Gary D. Schmidt. But I did. Lots of good details; I don’t know if they are accurate to Long Island in 1968, but then, I don’t care, do I?

Anyway. Track and field, Shakespeare, Mickey Mantle, architecture, Vietnam, Martin Luther King, icy roads, bar mitvah, votive candles, violence, romance, yellow tights, mosquitoes, racism, cream puffs. Very impressive structure, with things coming around and around, and around again. All good.

I should say, all extremely good. I would rave about it, but I’m not sure how to rave about a book of this kind. It made me smile, and made me squirm a bit in places, and made me feel good, and wish that I had read it when I was eleven, although I can’t really complain about the books I did read. One of the nice things about the world not ending is that new generations get the good books from the last one, plus new ones, like this. And then whoever is in seventh grade in 2035 will have this one, and Rumble Fish and Little House on the Prairie and Little Women and Five Children and It as well as something altogether new.

Makes a person want to stick around and see what it’ll be, no?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,