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Support for support (for supporting the supporters)

So. Here in the Nutmeg state, we have Civil Unions for those couples who are just too fabulous to allow to marry. YHB wrote about this a while ago, in reference to State Rep. Bye's moving speech in the Connecticut House. Rep. Bye talked about the difference between being married and being in a civil union, based on her own experience with both.

Now, according to the Hartford Courant's story Same-Sex Couple Blocked By H & R, by Mark Pazniokas, it seems that a couple in Guilford attempted to use H&R Block's on-line tax filing service and got the message We don't support Connecticut Civil Union returns.

Support, you know, in the computer sense. Not politically.

I've talked about what I perceive as two kinds of bigotry, what I might describe as the vicious kind and the negligent kind. I think this is a nice illustration of how the negligent kind does actual damage, and why it's not enough to stop at driving the vicious kind out of the public sphere. Clearly, somebody brought up to H&R Block the problem of Connecticut civil unions, who can file jointly on the state level but must file separately with the IRS (and must in addition file another federal form dealing with the discrepancy). Someone high up in the business presumably said something like How much is it going to cost to accommodate that? Really? Ah, screw it. They can come into an office if they want to. This decision was handed down to a programmer with a tin ear (or possibly a nasty sense of humor), who came up with the error message. And nobody thought about it any more.

Except, you know, the gay people. Who don't count.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


"...Civil Unions for those couples who are just too fabulous to allow to marry."

I knew there was a reason I had to marry my wife. We aren't fabulous enough.


aieee! Y2GAY error!

It's Lessig, isn't it, who talks about computer code being a de facto legal code?

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