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Never Gonna Give Up 450 ppm

I suspect that not every Gentle Reader is reading the fishkettle het’troph, which is OK, because, you know, not for everyone. Not for YHB, even. I mean—you know the idea of the Apollonian/Dionysian divide? And how this Tohu Bohu, for all its tohu-bohitude, is on this side? And way, over there, way on the other side, that tiny far-off speck of a spot of a thing… well, that’s a guy who claims that he once met a mighty wanderer who claimed that he once saw the fishkettle het’troph from the top of a mountain, after many years travel, and fasting, and then eating some fruit that had kinda half-fermented.

But I was reading it anyway, the way I do, through these rather attractive 3-D field glasses, and a voice! spoke! and said CO2 in the air should be stabilized at 350 ppm and it’s perilous to exceed 450 ppm in the interim. And I thought to myself, you know, buddy (I call myself buddy, ’cos I’ve known myself since I was in school), that’s the sort of thing that I would expect to read over here on the A-side. Why doesn’t that line, just that one line, get repeated over here. Over and over again. Everywhere over here.

It’d be like rickrolling, only (a) funnier, and (2) a binder full of trousers.

How’s that, batacuda?

Oh, and a bumper sticker idea: CO2≤350ppm: it’s just just a good idea, it’s the law of the jungle.

Because, you know, it’s a good idea to slash, but that’s a fucking number, right?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


it's not even my birthday!!!!

(it got in the guardian yesterday.)

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