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Your Humble Blogger is pleased to present the 07-08 Academic Year award for Sentence That, When Viewed Out Of Context, Seems Like It Must Have Suffered From Some Sort Of Editing Or Typesetting Error, Yet Is Actually The Correct Sentence As Intended By The Scholar.

This is surprisingly few for a genuinely genetic group when one considers the length of the poem.

The winner is E. Talbot Donaldson, and the winning sentence appears on page 189 of MSS R and F in the B-Tradition of Piers Plowman. Congratulations, Mr. Donaldson!

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


I am curious: did you find this award somewhere, or have you or your Best Reader been reading around in textual scholarship on the Piers Plowman B-Text manuscript tradition?

I picked up the (slim) volume from where it had fallen between the bookshelves, and happened to glance at page 189 as I was carrying it back to the circulation desk to see if it had been marked as lost. I was tempted to try to figure out the context, but then, it seemed better not.


I think you should win an award for Award Name Which Is Longer Than The Sentence Which Has Won An Award.

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