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Having a stroke

Just as a matter of curiosity, do any of y’all know why the American abbreviation for air-conditioning is A/C with a slash? It would be bizarre to see air/conditioning, but we expect A/C, and I use that more naturally than I use A.C. or AC. Wikipedia’s entry on the slash reminds me that b/w, i/o and O/O are also abbreviations that introduce the slash mark where there was none before. What’s up w/dat?

Also, just to check: YHB uses air conditioning solely to refer to cooling, that is, making a car or room less warm, and uses heating to refer to making it warmer. A unit designed to condition air (vaddevah dat means) without changing its temperature would be a ventilator, or a humidifier or dehumidifier, if that were it’s main purpose, or an air filter (or filtration system if I were feeling office-speak-y). Or, you know, a fan. But an A/C unit is for cooling, right? Or is this not the common use?

In part, I’m curious because my Prius appears to use air conditioning to mean the whole process of fan and filter and heat and cool. The button is marked climate, but the dash says A/C on if the heater is working. This seems wrong to me. Does it seem wrong to y’all?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


If you're not using the defrost setting, which will take advantage of the a/c compressor, then yes, it seems very wrong to say "a/c on". You could switch off of auto mode for climate control, which should turn that light off?

Yes, it would turn the light off, but it would also turn off the auto mode for climate control, which I quite like. My preference would be that the climate control works and that the dash light tells me whether it is heating or cooling. In fact, I don't think the climate screen specificies, either, although it does show both the outside temperature and the preferred inside temperature, which makes it easy to determine.


Well, one problem is that the a/c compressor is probably running with auto mode on, hence the "a/c on" indicator, and that's bad for your mileage. It's about whether the compressor is running, not whether the vents are blowing cold air.

modern cars mostly turn on the A/C when you're defrosting (and sometimes also heating). i forget if it helps with clearing the window; but it's more a seasonal thing. A/C that goes unused for months at a time needs more maintenance.

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