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Yellow cables, yellow cables, tuppence a bag!

So, my place of employment is replacing—look, I don’t really have time to write out the story, but they are throwing away a crapload of Ethernet cable. This crapload (actually about a shopping bag load) is made up of cables of various lengths, not uniform, some quite long, others fairly short, and they all have their ends cut off, so the yellow cable ends in wires rather than little phone-jack-thingies.

Your Humble Blogger has rescued all this Ethernet cable, because it seems like a mistake to throw away that much. But I don’t actually have any use for it, and for all I know, nobody else does, either. What do you say, Gentle Readers? Should I toss it in the dumpster where it was headed? Or should I bring it to the elementary school and tell them it was a bequest from my great-aunt? Or does one of you want it?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


given the price of copper and other metals, they ought to be worth something. I'm not sure where to take them for the best price, though. Freecycle or Craig's List might also get you someone who will reuse them in some way, for ethernet or art. In any case, the dumpster is certainly not the right place for them!

I might know someone who can use a bag of Cat-5. I'll ask him tonight.


The wire's not really worth anything. Very little metal in there for a recycler (it's mostly plastic insulation), and cat-5 is dirt cheap as loose wire. The headache is putting on the terminals, which I've done far too much of in my life. Why would they cut off the terminals? You can't reuse them once they've been crimped on.

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