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Three-Card Monte, or, Musical Chairs

Gentle Readers have undoubtedly been waiting for me to blather on again about the candidates for President and the people with whom they surround themselves. What? No? Where’d everybody go?

Perhaps y’all are headed over to Congressional Quarterly’s site, where you can play with their Cabinet Maker. The link there is to the Republican version, which is the one I found really interesting. After all, Barack Obama is running as a Democrat; for all his post-partisan rhetoric, all the stars and hacks of the Democratic Party are available to him. Not so the Maverick. One consequent of actually betraying your party over and over again is that somehow the bench of people on your side gets mighty thin. And then there’s the fact that Our Only President has surrounded himself with a secretive cabal of incompetents and crooks, and that he and the Republicans in the Legislature are so tremendously unpopular because of all their failures. Anybody he picks from that crowd is tainted with the stink of mixed metaphor failure and unpopularity. And yet, who else is there?

So when the CQ reporters cadged together a Top Three for each seat, for five out of the 14 seats they had to include the current occupant in their list. Now that’s change we can believe in.

And can we talk a little about the fact that James Woolsey is on their Top Three for both Secretary of State and Secretary of Energy? No? How about that James Woolsey is clearly the best of the three for State? Seriously, the other two are Joe Lieberman (Asshole-CT) and, believe it or not, John D. Negroponte. Negroponte, Woolsey, Lieberman. Can somebody ask John McCain to comment on that?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Yes, perhaps, but a month ago, who would you have picked for his VP running mate?

So you're saying… there's someone worse than Lieberman/Negroponte/Woolsey out there?


Obviously Todd would be Secretary of Transportation (snowmobiling) and Secretary of Energy (oil worker), Track would be Secretary of Defense (military), Trig would be Secretary of Education (name, just like Spellings now), and Bristol would be Secretary of Labor in a few months. We won't need a Secretary of the Treasury since there won't be a Treasury by January, and instead of a Secretary of Health and Human Services we'll all get a 3 cent rebate check.

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