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Online Encore

My Gracious Host has posted an enjoyable game he calls Online Encore. In the Encore parlor game, there is a target word and people are trying to come up with lots and lots of lyrics that contain that word. That game works best with words that are moderately common; ideally, the first half-dozen songs shouldn’t take much memory at all, and then the competition really starts. In Jed’s Online Encore, the point is for the Blogger to come up with a list of really hard words, and for the Readers (working as a team) to come up with lyrics that include them. He has listed an atoz, and there are still quite a few targets unhit. YHB has come up with an atoz of target words for Gentle Readers to aim at.

Score: For each word on the list, YHB has in mind one and only one song that contains the word. Gentle Readers (as a team) get one Bragging Unit for each time y’all come up with the song I thought of, but you get two Bragging Units each time you come up with a song I didn’t think of. Up to a maximum of five Bragging Units per word. YHB gets two Bragging Units for having come up with the list. For every word on the list that y’all blank on, I get two more Bragging Units. For any word that y’all can’t come up with any other song than the one I had in mind, I get one Braggin Unit. Any Gentle Reader who posts his or her own list gets two Bragging Units. Jed gets two Bragging Units for having come up with the game. Any Gentle Reader who posts for the first time with a guess gets one extra Bragging Unit. Any Gentle Reader who is able to identify an instance where YHB has screwed up the lyrics again gets one Bragging Unit.

MFQ Rules: Don’t look stuff up and then post it. You don’t have to know the name of the song, but you have to be able to sing (or in this case type) a chunk of the lyric containing the word. It’s better if you sing that chunk of lyric out loud, though, whilst typing. Eight words is the canonical minimum chunk for the Encore parlor game. If you get the lyrics wrong from memory (as I did four of my guesses over yonder), there will be Scorn and Derision, but not so bad as if you looked the lyric up before posting. Don’t just make up shit up, please, and if you do, make it worthwhile. Within that construct, I’m going to rule that songs written by Gentle Readers are not eligible, even if you realio trulio wrote a song with that word in the lyric five years ago. I mean, if you did, let me know, because that’s a whole separate set of Bragging Units. All the songs are primarily in the English Language; no score for translations and multilingual puns, except, you know, anyone who does something really clever gets one Bragging Unit and one S&D unit.

The List: I'll try to keep this up-to-date. If a word is in bold, nobody has come up with nothing. If a word is in italics, at least one Gentle Reader has come up with at least one song containing it. If a word is struck through, some Gentle Reader has come up with the song that YHB was thinking of. If a word is both italicized and struck through, then y'all have maxed out the five BUs available.

  • astonished
  • captivate
  • flatulent
  • ghettology
  • Jeddah
  • laceration
  • revenue
  • Sorbonne
  • yardstick
  • bathing
  • distributor
  • elevation
  • housewife
  • ichthyosaur
  • kindling
  • monkish
  • narwhal
  • Occidental
  • parquet
  • quintessence
  • tax-deductible
  • unemployment
  • vichysoisse
  • wheelchair
  • X-Files
  • zooming

At the end of the game, we can all take our Bragging Units and exchange them for valuable… er… Look! Isn’t that John McCain over there?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


These are pretty tough.

Except for unemployment.

While they're standing in the welfare lines
Crying at the doorstep of those armies of salvation
Wasting time in the unemployment lines
Sitting around, waiting for a promotion,
Don't you know, they're talking about a revolution...

--Tracy Chapman

Oh, and housewife

I've got a brand new eight-month-old baby girl
I sound like a housewife
Hey, 'Chelle, I think I'm a housewife

-- Michelle Shocked, Anchorage

Oooh! Oooh! bathing

...which is something between
a large bathing machine
and a very small second class carriage...

--Gilbert and Sullivan, "When you're lying awake" from Iolanthe

Jacob gets four BUs in the first hour, which ain't bad. The extra point is for Iolanthe, which is obvious, now you've said it, but didn't come up in my head when I was trying to make sure I didn't know more than one song with that word in it.


"watching X files with no lights on..."
Barenaked Ladies, "one week"

One! One Bragging Unit for Ruth!


"...without the sparks or distributor cap // i'll slap them on as it rides through"
Moxy Fruvous, "Darlington Darling"

This is a good game. I'll see if i can come up with any more later.

"she had a pleasant elevation, she's moving out in all directions"

- talking heads, "and she was"

"watch out for that piranha. there goes the narwhal"

- b52s "rock lobster"

that's gotta be the one you were thinking of.

Wow -- not only do I not know any of these offhand, there's at least one word that I don't think I've ever encountered before. ("ghettology")

I was thinking "bathing" could be from "bathing machine," but I couldn't remember what song would have that phrase in it (I kept circling back to Hunting of the Snark). Well done, Jacob!

I have a feeling "Occidental" must appear somewhere in Pacific Overtures, but I don't know any of the songs from that.

Oh, wait, for "wheelchair," does "Talking Wheelchair Blues" count? "I went for a walk in the morning air; I met a woman in a wheelchair." (Fred Small.) I mean, it's more kind of spoken than sung, but it's presented as a song on an album of songs, with lyrics, by a singer-songwriter... Oops -- on checking, I see I got the lyrics a little wrong: it starts out "I went for a jog in the city air."

Chaos gets one BU, Ruthling gets two more, and Jed gets two for his Talking Blues, because why not? That's ten Bragging Units so far, and all y'all's just getting started.

And h'm, it's possible that he is singing ghetto-ology rather than ghettology; the latter is the word and in most of the on-line lyrics, but upon reflection, I think it's the former. I'll take either.


Aha! "vichysoisse and the cabbage and the crawfish claws" ("Johnny Saucep'n", Moxy Fruvous). On checking, I see it's actually "a cabbage" and "a crawfish claws", but I'm guessing that's close enough.

Hmm. Could you add markings to the list to indicate what's been got? (I'll try and remember to do the same on my list.)

...Also, consider running your items all together on one line of text in the HTML code, separated by li tags, so that Movable Type doesn't add extra line breaks (which make the list look very spread out in Firefox/Mac). But not a big deal. (If that didn't make any sense, I'll try and give an example.)

Any extra BUs for additional instances of the same word?

...but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof

(Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen)

...the only other one I knew offhand was X-Files; "One Week" is one of my karaoke show-off songs. :-)

How's that? And your vichyssoise (how the hell is that spelled, anyway) song is not mine, so two BUs for you. And another Bragging Unit for noticing that I could boost the MFQ by fiddling with tags.

Now that I look at the list (and I tried taking out carriage returns and it didn't make any difference as I see it), I think it would be better if I separated out the lists. Hm. Have to look and think.


Any extra BUs for additional instances of the same word?

Yep, up to five BUs, that is, the song I had in mind and two others. I figure that should give people in other time zones a crack at adding to the score, while avoiding having everybody post when they realize (as I only just did) that if you think of bathing as part of bathing suit, it gets a bit easier.


Oh, hey, here's another one:

"When the kindling is dwindling, the bottom logs get soggy" --from "More Wood," as performed by the Short Sisters, a very fun song about the joys of wood-burning stoves. But I suspect none of y'all will have heard it, so maybe that doesn't count.

One good thing about Online Encore is that you don't need to have the at least one other player must recognize the thing rule; it can be replaced with the TSOR rule, under which “More Wood” is worth two big Bragging Units.


I know another "X-Files" song (that got heavy radio rotation at the time, even), but the verse is too annoying to type in. That's why I remember it. The band's name is also annoying, which is why I remember it as well. Can we just collect my bragging units and throw them back into the general pool?

May I have 1/2 a BU for knowing that "tax-deductible" shows up in an old Bob Dylan song? I can't remember the words, but it's the song where he sings about Mr. Jones.

Heck, you can collect a full BU just for posting for the first time, and welcome! And I'll certainly give you half a BU for knowing something is happening here, even if you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?


"...Sitting up in bed, transistor on his chest, in quintessence, in quintessence"
--Squeeze, "In Quintessence"--came up on the ITunes this morning. Is it cheating to live with the QuizMaster?

And is the ichthyosaur from TMBG's "Nine Bowls of Soup"?

Parquet... parquet... I swear I know something with this word in it, sung by a voice that's like butter...

No new answers from me a the moment, but a quick side note re the "at least one other player" rule: for me, it's not so much about verification as about MFQ -- to me, an answer that other people are familiar with is more satisfying than one that they aren't. Just like I don't find the Name Game nearly as much fun if it's full of names that only one person in the group has ever heard of.

OK, then, a couple of comments about process.

1) I get that it's preferable, from a MFQ standpoint, to come up with a song that other people know, but just aren't thinking of at the moment. On the other hand, I think it's better to come up with an obscure song than leave the word in boldface. And TSOR is enough to verify (or I suppose a player could link), because obscure songs are (usually) better than somebody making shit up.

B)I'm counting Dan P, Juliet and fran (ichthyosaur) as half-bragging and taking the words off boldface, but anybody who wants to sneak in and grab some points by knowing or typing in the actual chunk of lyrics can get some cheap BUs. Not by looking the stuff up, though, because that's no fun for anybody.

iii)There are still a bunch of boldface words. What would boost the MFQ? I'm thinking I wait for a few more days and then, on Tuesday maybe, I just post my songs and lyric chunks. Or I could provide hints of some kind, if that would be higher MFQ. What do y'all think?


I do know Pacific Overtures reasonably well and can't think of any songs in it with Occidental in them, but I admit to an imperfect memory.

I know just enough of "Vicar in a Tutu" to get "the monkish monsignor with a head full of plaster said..." I know the next line is something about dry cleaning, but I only need 8 words, n'est ce pas?

Since the other handful I could think of were already out of play, I have decided to extract my vengeance by posting my own list with a game variant.

If we're posting hints to each other, somebody had an album awhile ago (maybe an R&B album?) called "Who's Zooming Who?", but a) I have no idea if it had any songs on it that actually included that as a lyric, and b) I don't remember any more than that. But perhaps this will jog someone else's memory. I suppose it should have been "Who's Zooming Whom?", which might have gotten it a point on Jed's list (which included "whom").

I keep wanting "You're the Top" to have a line in it about the Sorbonne, but I'm pretty sure it just doesn't. In fact, I've tried to make one up, and it doesn't seem to fit the scansion. A pity.

So. There are ten eleven remaining boldface words. Here are the performers alphabetized for your guessing pleasure: Kate Bush, the Clash, Elvis Costello, Eddie from Ohio, Gilbert&Sullivan (not actually them performing it), Mark Knopfler, Pet Shop Boys, Cole Porter (again, not actually him performing it), Paul Simon, XTC. Yes, that’s ten. One is represented twice.


Kate Bush has got to be responsible for Jeddah, but damme if I can remember where. It's not "Suspended in Gaffa", which is all I can think of.

I don't suppose that's Paul with the parquet, is it?

Apparently I'm quite melody-focused these days, at the expense of words. Must be the Swedish influence. *sigh*

Ah, I was just listening to the Cats and Jammers. I assume Down in the Depths is a Cole Porter song so let's go with "While the crowd at El Morocco punish the parquet"

Ding ding ding! for fauxklore and Down in the Depths (on the 90th Floor). The Cats&Jammers do a wonderful version, although personally I prefer Ethel Merman, but that's a matter of taste. Er, and I meant eleven boldface and ten artists, now down to ten words and nine.

And yes, Kate Bush is responsible for Jeddah, and it's not “Suspended in Gaffa”. I'm not sure I can award Bragging Units for songs that don't contain the words, or things would get out of hand very quickly...


This one took me a while to think of, but I think it goes like this...
They sounded the "all-clear" in the occidental bazaar
They used to call Oxford Street
Now the bankrupt souls in the city
Are finally tasting de-feat
- London's Brilliant Parade, Elvis Costello

Ding Ding Ding! Nine to go, and eight artists (yes, Elvis Costello was not the one responsible for two songs).


I am kicking myself for just now remembering "The ice age is coming, the sun's zooming in" from The Clash's London Calling

And it's just italicized, not bolded, but where you perhaps thinking of "Just me in a wheel chair, I want to be sedated" (assuming you don't expect accuracy in the intervening nonsense syllables).

I will be deeply ashamed of myself if the Gilbert & Sullivan lyric(s) turn out to be from the big 3, Iolanthe, or Gondoliers. I will admit to not knowing all of the words to the others.

Eight words, eight artists. Yes, it was the Clash who were in there twice.

Er, and it looks like I had miscounted again. There are nine boldface words. Hm. Oh, I see what I did, there. At some point when I was moving boldface and strikethrough and so on, I eliminated F entirely. Oops. It's back now.

Here are the remaining words: astonished, captivate, flatulent, ghettology, Jeddah, laceration, revenue, Sorbonne, yardstick. Here are the artists: Kate Bush, the Clash, Eddie from Ohio, Gilbert&Sullivan , Mark Knopfler, Pet Shop Boys, Paul Simon, the Smiths, XTC. Kate Bush was guessed and confirmed as using Jeddah, so that one just needs a title and a chunk of lyrics.

And finally, more Bragging Units for Miriam, although also Scorn! and Derision! for ever so slightly screwing up the lyrics to I Wanna Be Sedated. And here's another G&S hint: the song in question is not from Pirates, Pinafore or Mikado, although it did appear in a filmed version of one of the the three.

I'm thinking that I will post a complete list on Tuesday, having squeezed all the fun out of it long before then. Yes?


I really did intend to type "just put me in a wheelchair" but the word "put" got lost between my brain and my fingers.

I actually know a couple of songs with "revenue" in them, but they're in French so I'm sure they don't count.

Ah, but the intervening syllables are not nonsense. “Just put me in a wheelchair/and get me to the show/hurry,hurry,hurry/before I go loco” in one iteration, and the other rhyming plane and insane.

As for the songs in the French language, I can perhaps give half a Bragging Unit for a cajun or zydeco song, maybe a quarter for a Canadian song, but nothing for the French.


Ah, I was thinking of the ba-ba-bamp type words later on, not the very beginning of the song. But I had to play it to remember that. Given that it's one of those songs that my favorite radio station plays a lot, I should know it better.

Alas, neither "Les Haricots Est Pas Sale" nor "Johnny Ne Pas Dansez" has the word "revenue" in it, and I don't think I know the words to any other zydeco stuff. Nor can I reliably spell even Cajun French.

Oh! Oh! I can't believe I passed this over, as it's a frequent earworm of mine: "frankly, Mr. Shankly, since you asked / you are a flatulent pain in the arse / I didn't realize that you wrote poetry / I didn't realize you wrote such bloody awful poetry." - The Smiths, "Frankly, Mr. Shankly"

If I may correct myself before the mockery starts, the following line is not the one about bad poetry (oh noetry!) but this: "I do not mean to be so rude / but still I must speak frankly, Mr. Shankly."

Oh the revenue man is riding, boy you'd better look out.
Revenue Man, Charlie Patton

I thought it would be easy to come up with the word "revenue" in some of the folk songs about 'shine, but in most of them I kept coming up with "revenooer" instead.

The leaves are pale and yellow, and kindling into red
All Among the Barley, Swansea Jack (Welsh folk group)

And the same fellow who wrote "My Grandfather's Clock" wrote a sequel in which the clock was busted up for kindling (after Grandfather and the clock both died, of course) but I can't come up with Lyric One.

I assume there oughta be lots of old blues stuff with the word "unemployment" in it, but I can't come up with one off the top of my head.

Hello and welcome! Quickly racking my brain for old blues stuff, I'm coming up with relief and dole, both of which are easier to rhyme than unemployment. But good ones for revenue and kindling.

I'll also take this as a reminder to post a link to my answers. And maybe I'll do another list soon; it was fun.


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