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Online Encore: The Answers

OK, despite Dan P coming through with last-minute Bragging Units, it’s time to end this thing. I’m putting this full and final list in a new entry, because (a) it’s easier than coming up with a new idea for an entry, and (2) the old one is now old enough to require moderation, and I’d like GRs pile on more comments, either whinging about how all those other songs are far too obscure to be fair or how you thought the lyric was something else altogether.

  • astonished: If were not a little mad and generally silly/I should give you my advice upon the subject, willy-nilly;/I should show you in a moment how to grapple with the question,/And you’d really be astonished at the force of my suggestion. from Ruddigore, Gilbert and Sullivan. No responses.
  • bathing: Beauty sat bathing by a spring where fairest shades did hide her/the winds blew calm the birds did sing the cool streams ran beside her “Hey Nonny Nonny”, Violent Femmes. Jacob and Shmuel both get BUs for different songs.
  • captivate: And I pray our child will never see/A little Corporal again/Point toward a foreign shore/Captivate the hearts of men “Done with Bonaparte”, Mark Knopfler. No responses.
  • distributor: Down the line, comin’ down the line, a V6 Merc in blue’Without the sparks or distributor cap, I’ll slap them on as it rides through “Darlington Darling”, Moxie Fruvous. Chaos nailed it.
  • elevation: And she was looking at herself/And things were looking like a movie/She had a pleasant elevation/She’s moving out in all directions “And She Was”, Talking Heads. Ruth nailed it.
  • flatulent: Frankly, Mr. Shankly, since you ask/You are a flatulent pain in the arse/I do not mean to be so rude/Still, I must speak frankly, Mr. Shankly “Frankly, Mr. Shankly”, the Smiths. Dan P at the buzzer.
  • ghettology: This sound does not subscribe to the international plan/In the psycho shadow of the white right hand/Them that see ghettology as an urban Vietnam/Giving deadly exhibitions of murder by napalm, “This is Radio Clash” the Clash. No responses. Could be ghetto-ology, but that’s no excuse.
  • housewife: Leroy got a better job so we moved/Kevin lost a tooth now he’s started school/I got a brand new eight month old baby girl/I sound like a housewife/Hey ’Chell, I think I’m a housewife “Anchorage”, Michelle Shocked. Jacob nailed it.
  • ichthyosaur: Please can I have one Mr. Ichthyosaur?/No, you can’t, I’m saving them for friends/But you don’t have any friends/Yes, I do/No, you don’t/Yes, I do. Now be quiet/I’m trying to concentrate “Nine Bowls of Soup”, They Might Be Giants. Fran named the song but didn’t bother putting in the Chunk O Lyrics for full BUs.
  • Jeddah: A jet to Mecca/Tibet or Jeddah/To Salisbury/a monastery/the longest journey “Sat in Your Lap”, Kate Bush. Melissa R. gets some credit for that one. YHB probably gets scorn and derision, because it’s not really intelligible from the song, but it’s kinda cool anyway.
  • kindling: I’m gonna whittle you into kindling/Black Crow/16 shells from a thirty-ought-six/whittle you into kindling/Black Crow/16 shells from a thirty-ought-six “16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought-Six”, Tom Waits. Jed got a different song.
  • laceration: They have me under observation/A life out on the farm/proctecting me from harm/protecting me from laceration/brush it under a rug/one day, it’ll all go away “Observation”, Eddie from Ohio. YHB doesn’t even like beets.
  • monkish: The monkish monsignor/With a head full of plaster/Said: ‘My man, get your vile soul dry-cleaned!’ “Vicar in a Tutu”, The Smiths. Miriam nailed it.
  • narwhal: There goes a dog-fish/chased by a cat-fish/in flew a sea robin/watch out for that piranha/there goes a narwhal/here comes a bikini whale! “Rock Lobster”, the B-52s. Ruth nailed it.
  • Occidental: They sounded the all-clear in the Occidental Bazaar/They used to call Oxford Street/Now the bankrupt souls in the City/Are finally tasting defeat “London’s Brilliant Parade”, Elvis Costello. Juliet nailed it.
  • parquet: While the crowds at El Morocco punish the parquet/And at 21 the couples clamor for more/I’m deserted and depressed/In my regal eagle’s nest/Down in the depths on the ninetieth floor. “Down in the Depths (on the 90th Floor)”, Cole Porter. Miriam got this one, based on the Cats&Jammers recording.
  • quintessence: A 15-year-old’s browse through life/is fine with his quintessence safe and sound in mind/Life’s an adolescence from time to time/With us all/in quintessence. “ In Quintessence”, Squeeze. Fran nailed it, with an assist from YHB’s playlist.
  • revenue: He’s a one-trick pony/one trick is all that horse can do/he does one trick only/it’s the principal source of his revenue “One Trick Pony”, Paul Simon. No responses, which surprised me, since I figured the word would be big in either gangsta rap or bluegrass, or gangsta bluegrass.
  • Sorbonne: You can tell I’m educated/I studied at the Sorbonne/Doctored in mathematics/I could have been a don “Opportunity (Lots of Money)”, Pet Shop Boys. No responses. YHB has the brains, you’ve got the brawn.
  • tax-deductible: But nobody has any respect/Anyway they already expect you/To all give a check/To tax-deductible charity organizations “Ballad of a Thin Man”, Bob Dylan. Juliet gets partial credit.
  • unemployment: While they’re standing in the welfare lines/Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation/Wasting time in the unemployment lines/Sitting around waiting for a promotion “Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution”, Tracy Chapman. Jacob led off with this one.
  • vichyssoise: Jealous winter sun/Cold as vichysoisse/Steals your smile for fuel/They’ll ignite with braziers/Of warming stars “Knights in Shining Karma”, XTC. Jed had a different song in mind.
  • wheelchair: Just put me in a wheelchair, get me on a plane/Hurry hurry hurry, before I go insane/I can’t control my fingers, I can’t control my brain/Oh no “I Wanna Be Sedated”, The Ramones. Jed got a different song, and Miriam got this one.
  • X-Files: Watchin’ X-Files with no lights on/We’re dans la maison/I hope the Smoking Man’s in this one “One Week”, Barenaked Ladies. Ruth nailed it.
  • yardstick: You want some lovely, I got some lovely/In my yard, in my yard/There be inchworm, there be football/Take my yardstick, stir some lovely “Brown Guitar”, XTC. No responses.
  • zooming: The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in/Engines stop running, the wheat is growing thin. “London Calling”, The Clash. Miriam came through.

YHB had a lot of fun with this one, both here and at the other three sites. I’ve used lyricwiki for most of the lyrics here, to save myself typing, so credit to them. Thanks for playing, and since I don’t want anyone to leave empty-handed, the doors are all locked.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


I love that it's Radio Clash! I think I've hummed over that line (not knowing what it is) at least 100 times!

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