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I suppose I could have called this one Ever Forward as well

In among the various things that happened in that election thingie earlier in the week, our Question One, proposing to hold a state constitutional convention, went down to crushing defeat. I mean, crushing. 59%-41%, at latest count. Whew.

For me, the key thing is that this means we will continue to have every state law undergo legislative deliberation (being not hasty in judgment), rather than having a dozen initiatives on the ballot every November. I loathe initiatives. Have I mentioned that? I love representative democracy. And I loathe initiatives. Do you want to see our sample ballot? Two questions, and then I just fill in the little oval next to the people with a D by their names, and I’m done. Of course, it’s more work for those people with a D by their names, when they get to the State Senate or the Assembly, which is why I vote for them.

Anyway, for y’all who don’t vote in Connecticut, the thing that seems newsworthy, but that I haven’t seen talked about quite so much, is that this convention was the only chance that anti-marriage activists had to prevent homosexual marriage from becoming legal in Connecticut. And it failed. And from the limited amount I could tell, the question failed largely because people did not want the anti-marriage activists from potentially taking over such a convention. So this was a tremendous success for marriage, not only legally but socially. We win.

And when I say marriage, of course, I don’t just mean my marriage, which is doing quite well, thank you very much. I mean the right of couples to marry, whether they have two, one or zero penes between them. Or how often. I’m sorry that in California, the county clerks will have to keep checking the pants of people who want marriage licenses. The passage of the California penile code is a serious matter, and I feel terrible for those married couples who have the wrong number and will have to whip it out in court, or whatever will happen to them.

Why not come to Connecticut? We have three more seasons than you do, and you will be able to cross the state border in at least one direction without giving up any rights. I have to put in my pitch for the Elm State over the Bay State, because we are, um, well, look, one of their Democratic Senators has severe brain damage, while one of ours, oh right. OK, how about this: when our sports teams suck eggs, we get rid of ’em. That’s right, none of this waiting for eighty years and then being insufferable about it. We gave our National League team two years, and the second year we made them play their home games in Brooklyn. And the Whalers, too.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,