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Book Report: Klezmer

I picked up Klezmer at the shul library, because it was called klezmer, and it was a graphic novel. And it looked pretty good. So I took it home and read it, and it’s pretty darned fantastic. Although it’s short, and the whole book is devoted to getting together five klezmorim to whom some sort of adventure is about to befall…

Although, to be fair, there have been lots of adventures already, just getting them together. Of the five, two have been thrown out of yeshivas, one ran away from home looking for adventure, one survived the attack that wiped out the rest of his last band, and one is a gypsy who was hanged by a gang of ruffians but cut down by two of the other musicians. So it’s not like there’s any lack of incident. Still, we get all five onstage for one song, and then they are hired by a mysterious woman to play at a private function, and then the book ends.

And presumably that’s where the second book starts. Only the second book is in French, and hasn’t been translated into English yet. The third book neither. Which I suppose is even more frustrating than if Joann Sfar hadn’t written the second one yet, since their slow move across the Atlantic gives me very little hope that they will be published soon, or at least soon enough for me to remember to look out for them.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,