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They call it Music Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad

Because YHB is lazy and uninspired, there will be no Music Monday today. Or yesterday, for that matter. However, to occupy the same space as Music Monday in the attention spans of Gentle Readers, here are Ten Songs I listened to on Monday that are interesting enough to have a Music Monday note written about them, if I felt like writing.

  • “We're All Light”, XTC: an inspiring and terrific song, and one of my Best Reader's favorites.
  • “Private Idaho”, the B-52s: a very odd song indeed.
  • “Prisoner of Funk”, the Bobs: a capella surrealist R&B.
  • “Blues I Love to Sing”, Adelaide Hall with the Duke Ellington Orchestra: oh, but you're killin' me!
  • “A Porter's Love Song”, The Commonwealth Jazz Quartet: the banjo player I used to listen to at T stations.
  • “Walkin' in Jerusalem”, Eddie from Ohio: Are you ready, boots?
  • “Miss Pitiful”, Etta James: so Beyonce Knowles is playing Etta James in this Chess Records movie. That can't be good, can it?
  • “Pink Shoe Laces”, Dodie Stevens: mackin'.
  • “Tutti Frutti”, Elvis Presley: What's the best cover of this song?
  • “Can't Stop the Rain”, Los Lobos: actually, the sun's come out at last, but baby, it's cold outside.

  • Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Get out of that state!
Get out of that state you're in!

Hey, how about a B-52s singalong? Jump right in if you know the words:

Has anybody here seen

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