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Happy Thanksgiving, all you Gentle Readers in the You Ess of Eh! Your Humble Blogger had a very traditional Thanksgiving involving lots of Turkey, a stroll in the chilly late-Autumn air and a long afternoon nap. I did not watch or play football, which is just as well, really.

I know it’s been a quiet week here at the old Tohu Bohu. The thing about a library server going down is that it’s a lot of work when it goes down, but even more work when it comes back up. Combining that with some very lovely and welcome houseguests, a festive meal that requires the candying of yams, and a bad case of Blogger’s Back, and, well, it’s been a quiet week at the old Tohu Bohu.

One thing that’s become a Thanksgiving tradition is the list of Things for which one is Thankful For. I enjoy reading those sorts of lists—heck, that tradition itself is a fair thing for which to be thankful for—but I’m not going to indulge in one here. Much, much, much. Let it all go without saying.

I will either be back tomorrow with (most likely) a series of Book Reports (I am behind again) or I will back on Saturday with Pirke Avot. In the meantime, enjoy whatever Thanksgiving traditions you enjoy, or if you happen to be somewhere that celebrates its Thanksgiving in October or some other time of year, enjoy not doing whatever Thanksgiving traditions you dislike.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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