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Music Monday on Monday: International

Y’all know Jim’s Big Ego? Jim Infantino’s band? Jim has written a new song, inspired by the Internationale, called of all things, International. It’s the first song on the album Free*, which is currently residing in our dashboard. I had been listening to a bunch of seasonal music, because oddly I felt like listening to a bunch of seasonal music, and then switched back to Jim, and played International, really quite loudly, for me.

The Youngest Member loved it. He likes when I sing along, sometimes, and seemed to particularly enjoy my singing along with the repeated lines rise up and claim your freedom and arise, arise, arise! So, because it’s better than singing the mitten song again, I played it again. This time my Perfect Non-Reader was in the car, and she seemed to like it too, and then we got out of the car and did an errand, and got back in the car, and the Youngest Member demanded another repetition (like he does), and my Perfect Non-Reader seemed OK with that, so we listened to it again! And then we picked up my Best Reader from her work, and as she hadn’t heard it yet that day, we listened to it again! Arise, arise, ARISE!

It’s a terrific song.

And then, over the rest of the day, in bits and pieces, we explained to the Perfect Non-Reader about the Internationale, and the sleeping giant, and Bread and Roses, and the international proletarian revolution, and all of that. Well, not all of it. More than she wanted actually.

And that’s your Music Monday.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


That is an awesome song. Gives me chills when he performs it. I also love Depravity. Much of the rest of the album bores me, unfortunately.

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