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Two Thousand and One, a Blog Oddysey

Hunh. One thing about the new update is that I more frequently see the Big Stats on this Tohu Bohu. This includes a great little box on my end that is headed Most Popular Entries that simply says beneath it There are no popular entries. I love that box. I’m thinking of adding a box beneath it that says Prick and beneath it You’re a prick.

Anyway, one of the things it shows me is how many total posts there are in this Tohu Bohu. And as of right now, there are two thousand posts. Well, right now when YHB is typing. When I post this one, there will presumably be two thousand and one. I’m rather unpleasantly proud of this Tohu Bohu, along with a simultaneous feeling that it should be much better than it is, somehow. In the sixty-three weeks since I wrote a milestones note for my fifteen hundredth, I seem to have averaged eight notes a week, which seems like a lot. I’ve done a lot of Scriptural analysis since then, including a series on the Haftorah readings for the week that I rather enjoyed and the Pirke Avot series that is getting off to a good start. I have written a lot about theater, and enjoyed it. I don’t have a simple way to get statistics on categories, which is just as well, since they aren’t meaningful categories anyway. But it seems clear from glancing at it that much of my writing over the last year or so has been (a) Book Reports, (2) Scripture Reports, and (iii) Theater Production Reports, with a smattering of politics and music. That’s not how I expected this blog to look, but then, if I had any confidence in what I expected for this blog, I wouldn’t have called it a Tohu Bohu, would I? And then perhaps when I’m looking back at notes 4500-5000, it’ll look altogether different.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,