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Comedy Tomorrow, Tragedy Tonight

I am inclined to think that any Gentle Reader who is interested will have already marked this on their calendars and programmed their recording devices, but just in case, let me remind you that the Ian McKellen King Lear will be on Great Performances on your local PBS station this evening. Probably. I haven’t actually checked your local PBS station, but this is the sort of thing that PBS generally co-ordinates well. PBS has promised to put the full film on-line shortly after broadcast, although in a “small-screen” version. And one hopes the video will soon be available in the US; the British version has been out for some time, but of course that won’t play properly here.

Your Humble Blogger will be recording it, because we’re doing a pick-up rehearsal tonight for Enchanted April; I plan to watch it the week after next. So please be careful with your spoilers in the comments.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

Post Script: the spoiler caution is only somewhat facetious: plot details will not spoil the thing for me, but I’d prefer not to know more going into it than I already do about the staging, interpretation, supporting acting, and cutting.



She loves him like salt.


Pity I don't have TV, that would be good to see.


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